Monday, October 22, 2007

Peoria Gun Exchange # 3 Another Great Success

Once again, the Peoria Assn. Of Pastors For Community & Spiritual Renewal has had another successful gun exchange event. 13 guns and weapons were delivered for exchange. The total number of weapons turned in during the exchange so far has been approximately 54.

This week the following items were exchanged:
  • A 9 MM handgun, estimated by experts on the scene, to be worth approximately $800.00. If this gun were stolen property, it will soon be returned to its owner.
  • A sawed off, pump shot gun, perfect length to be concealed under a long coat during the holiday season this winter, and in perfect operating condition.

We have heard testimonies from various individuals who have told us that they were glad that we were there for them and our community during this event. We are glad for the relationships that have been made both with Police and individuals in the community.

Looking Ahead:

The Peoria Assn. Of Pastors will decide this week if another gun exchange event is in order. We will announce our plans both to the media and post additional details on this blog. We will also consider what the 2008 Peoria Gun Exchange will look like. Please stay tuned for further information and details. We are encouraged in the name of the Lord.

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