Thursday, February 18, 2010

God Can Restore Our Streets But We Must Not Give Up!

This is an example of what the Lord can do in our streets. This effort may take one person at a time to reach just one more, but it can be done and we are situated to do it.

When Values Change

When values change the priorities of indivuals change, the effects are immediately felt within the community. If indivuals don't value life or have purpose they cannot contribute to the community of those who have the value for life, living and the community.

Community groups, individuals and businesses can be a part of facilitating the change that is so desperately needed. Churches are an essential part to providing neighborhood stability, accountability and services that address the spiritual and emotional needs of community members. In partnership, I believe that there can be a fundamental change in the results that we are seeing at street level.

This is not a top down effort. This is a community wode effort and your help is essential to this process. Please join us on Facebook for updates and community plans.

Together, and with the help of the Lord, I believe that we can do what concealed carry and increased police presence cannot do. Stay tuned!

Pastor Harvey Burnett

Monday, February 15, 2010

Anti-"Stop Snitchin" Campaign


The following video uses offensive language and is in general quite offensive and valueless in it's message. Why do we post such a video? This video signifies the cultural and moral value breakdown that has occurred among many of our youth. It is sentiments like this that facilitate a high murder rate within the inner city especially among young black men who have faced the brunt of this pain.

We will rise to address this issue by asking the Peoria community to develop an "anti-no snitch" campaign. As stated we ask for the assistance of the WHOLE community, not just parts of it. Please join our Facebook Page for current event updates as we add additional information on this project. Thank you for for being able to see the forest and not just the trees and also for your continued support.


Pastor Harvey Burnett

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Community Call To What???

Did Our Mayor Exclude Community Leaders?
Was It In Order To Score Political Points?

Many of you reading this will automatically experience a knee-jerk reaction. I only ask that you read on as I place a context with the question.

On Saturday Feb. 13th 2010 Peoria's Mayor Jim Ardis along with State Representative Jehan Gordon and Senator Dave Koehler are sponsoring a Community Call To Action to uncover and develop new strategies in dealing with crime and violence in the Peoria area. If that were all there was to the strory, that would be a good thing, but as usual, it's not all.

Let's Go Back:

On Thursday Feb. 12th 2009 after the murder of Mario McGee, I and the Pastor's Association called a Community Call To Action at the Higher Dimensions Church (Pastor Bob Randle). This meeting was attended by over some 40 indivuduals representing various church groups and concerned citizens. We talked about the conditions of the city and made our best efforts to commit to strategize to change things at a grass roots level. We discussed gangs and their influence and how we as community groups and concerned citizens can change our community together.

Before I go into the heart of the matter and my concern as expressed to Mayor Ardis regarding the Feb. 13th event, I must lay some ground work so that the reader, even those critical or misinformed regarding my statements, can get a grasp on my concern.

These Are The Facts:

1- On Tue Jan 5th 2010 at 1:55 PM,  I contacted the Mayor's office with the following email:
God bless and Happy New Year!
Can we get together at your earliest opportunity. I have some ideas I'd like to share and some things I need your help with as it pertains to the community. Thanks.
2- The Mayor responded to my request on Tue. Jan 5th at 3:15 PM with the following email:
Rev Burnett
I have asked Kristie to try and confirm some times/dates that will work for you so we can get together and talk. I have to tell you that I find it difficult to come in on the discussion after the press conference/photo-ops have taken place but I will continue to try and get together asap. We need to communicate better I guess. I look forward to our meeting.
ja (emphasis added)
My request to the Mayor took place around the same time that we conducted a community prayer vigil for the last (17th) murder victim of 2009, Diondre Nunn. The best I can figure is that the Mayor had seen me on TV along with the family carrying on this vigil. That was the context in which I greeted his statements. This led to the following response by me:

3- I responded to the Mayor's previous email on Tue. Jan 5th 2010 at 3:42 PM with the following email:
Mr. Mayor,
Thanks for the response, but I am at a complete loss regarding it. To hear you say things like"photo-ops"/ "press conference" concerning anything that I would like to discuss or even recently discussed is baffling. Please expound on your concern regarding this matter, if you would.

I had also wanted to meet with Jim Mont.., Eric Turner, and Clyde Gully to go over some new ideas but I think a private meeting may be best for you and I so that we can be as specific as necessary. I appreciate it. Thanks again.

Pastor Harvey Burnett