Thursday, May 15, 2014

ISBE...change 150 Declares Victory...Sure...OK...

I have never seen so many blatant lies, half truths, and such a need to deceive at almost every hand. When it comes to District 150 and their current and welcome efforts to modernize District 150 education, making the District a place for the improvement and acceptance of ALL of our students, and yes, that does include IMPROVEMENTS in education for Black, low income and all minority students as well, there has never been so much public deception and efforts to steer the conversation in ways that it was never intended to go or even suggested.

One such effort begins with the reporting of information and claims that there was no evidence that neither the former Charter Oak Principal, John Wetterhauer nor certain Special education teachers manipulated or changed test answers. Interestingly enough, and what makes this so deceptive, is that this is an issue that neither District 150 nor its board never asked or even suggested, however, it is being reported as some sort of clearing of the Charter Oak teachers and administrators of their alleged misdeeds. Let's look at one groups continued misleading of the public on this issue.  

"Cleared of cheating"???

According to the group calling itself "change 150" the former Charter oak Principal and teachers have been "Cleared of ISAT cheating" by the ISBE letter (which can be viewed below). The assumption is that the letter, cleared both Charter Oak teachers and administrators of cheating and that, according to them, the letter only serves to sheds light on the "monster Supt." the WOMAN who is at the head of District 150 destroying it piece by piece starting with our "pride and joy" Charter Oak....

Change 150's statements and assessment of facts are borderline DELUSIONAL.

First, the findings of the ISBE are not in line with and have no bearing on the initial complaint of the District as I have stated above...NOBODY and their Grandmother claimed that tests were manipulated as in having answers changed after they were handed in...The claim was that the tests were IMPROPERLY administered and administrated. This means that the tests were given outside of the guidelines of the accommodations specified by the children's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) This does not suggest in any way, that the teachers, after obtaining the the tests from the students, took the answer sheets, read the tests and erased and corrected the answers...That was NEVER the claim. The ISBE found no evidence of that. District 150 found no evidence of that either. Neither District 150, nor Supt. Lathan made that claim. The CHEATING comes in when, from all evidence and results, that neither the administrator nor the teachers were following the outlined guidelines, and were possibly, according to the resultant numbers, steering students into answers that they otherwise would not have had or would not have come up with on their own. This had NOTHING to do with changing answers on a test or multiple tests. The proposed cheating was much more ominous and less obvious than that.  

The ISBE report in no way clears ANY person of the allegations that District 150 made or the findings of discrepancy which are evident among the scores, even according to them. 

To interpret the statement as a "clearing" someone of "cheating" is simply a deception and a delusion that this group continues to perpetrate. This only leads to our second point:  

If one simply reads the statement PRIOR to the answer for which no allegation was ever made, one will find that the ISBE agrees that Charter Oak test scores were irregular. Here is the ISBE statement:
"While ISBE recognizes that the results of the administrations over several years have yielded highly discrepant results for a select group of students, as identified by the District..."
Now, let's look back at the change 150 statement and even the suggestion by John Wetterhauer's attorney claiming that the report provides some level of "vindication" for his client. Examine their statements and ask yourself, what do we have? I'll tell you, it is fairly clear...We have the TAIL wagging the Dog unfortunately...Plainly and simply, we have manipulation and misstatement of the argument and certain facts in order to steer public perception and conversation on the issue in the wrong way....only the INFORMED need inquire further. Neither of their statements (neither change 150's or Wetterhauer's attorney) can stand light of day and examination under the perspective of truth.

Taking The Complaint Further

One should ask, what does the ISBE see that makes them feel compelled to take actions further than anything the District requested, by turning over the report to the unit which regulates licenses. In other words the ISBE basically avoids all the issues that the District outlines, answers a point that was not asked or ever brought into question, admits that 4 years of discrepancies were brought to them, but they only examined one, and then turned over everything to the Educator Licensure Division for further determination.....

This is very interesting because according to an article written by Pam Adams of the Peoria Journal Star, the District's case and allegations were "uncommon". This is what Pam wrote:
"This case was uncommon, according to a state board spokeswoman, because it covered allegations spanning a four-year period, rather than one instance."
It would seem that there was no rush to judgement here on District 150's behalf as has been suggested by Dr Lathan's opponents and detractors. It would also seem that from ISBE eyes and assessment that allegations from ONE instance or ONE year are sufficient to make a case for review. Does this 4 year wait sound like a Supt. or Board run amuck arbitrarily making decisions to destroy people and take apart schools as we have heard ad nauseum in this case? Does it even make sense to suggest that either the Supt. or Board were ready to destroy Charter Oak, their teachers or administrators by taking 4 years to do so? The suggestion and fundamental charge of change 150 and Wetterhauer's attorney is ridiculous and revealed to be nothing more than a smokescreen and obfuscation of truth.

Licenses May Be Revoked?

District 150 did not ask the ISBE to review any licenses. Who did this? Noone wanted educator licenses revoked or called into question. However, do the allegations warrant this, or is this merely a diversionary tactic or plan. I ask this because I would like to know who and which individuals wanted the ISBE to drop the entire matter and not make any determinations at all? Could someone, PLEASE answer that for us...The peanut gallery would like to know!

We are in receipt of certain information which strongly suggests that the the ISBE was pressured by powerful interests to NOT proceed further with any of this. It would seem that the ISBE making judgement on issues which were not in question may be their best response to that pressure. 

I simply ask, WHAT IS THE "SECRET" that these "interests" do not wish to come to the surface? Was the ISBE report deliberately misdirected or redirected to NOT address any of the substantive issues that the District claimed at this point? Certainly there was high level discussion regarding the District 150 issue, because it was and is "uncommon". Shouldn't such an "uncommon" situation warrant more than a simple one page response of less than 300 words, especially after all this time? Since there is no timeline for review of the more substantive claims, will there be further manipulation and redirection away from the initial complaint to serve the "talking heads" as they fill the air with confusion and deception to serve their own needs?

I don't know, but one thing is for sure, this is a real battle and issue and it is filled with mystery, intrigue, deception, posturing, and all the political games that one would expect from the worst political pundits ever. For sure, WE won't be deceived by any of them and we will continue to examine this matter further and on a more proactive basis.

Let us make a few phone calls and find out what is really going on and who it really is, aside from those already identified by our efforts, that have a vested interest at removing this Supt. and undermining this Board, by creating so many lies and hysteria about this issue and more.

ISBE Letter to District 150:



  1. But Pastor... black students are not a minority in D150. They are the majority! As the tide has turned, the conversation should be directed toward affirmative action for the white minority student body and what can be done to better serve their needs. We know that bus transportation has given every student an opportunity to go to a school outside of their hood. Let's stand together and send this divisive superintendent back to her home so that Peorians may finally promote from within! With that, everyone wins. And finally, Ecclesiastes 7:9 reminds us to not be quickly provoked in spirit "for anger resides in the lap of fools."

  2. Pope,

    Black students not being the minority in D150 IS the issue and why individuals are so vehemently seeking to wrest control of the District to themselves.

    Your comment displays how divisive the argument is. Your suggestion and claims is that since the average White student is the minority, that the White student needs have somehow been overlooked. That is a ridiculous claim and assertion...

    Look at bussing since you mention it...why is bussing done from the Black community, where you admit that most of the students that represent the District are, to the White community? Why is the "integration" of education always towards the White socio-values system? Is there an effeor to buss hundreds of students from the Richwoods area INTO Manual for example? I can tell you and name the streets where Black children are being taken from a school within walking distance and bussed to a predominately White school where there are all kinds of stereotypes that enter the classroom because of their (the Black students) presence.

    The "promote from within" is nothing but a smokescreen,. We had a Supt, Ken Hinton, that WAS from within and most of YOU treated him less than kind and made his job nearly impossible when it came to bringing innovation into our schools. They stole computer equipment, redirected technology to predominately White based schools such as Charter Oak and Lindburgh, paid themselves all kinds of overtime to do the job that they were paid to do and ran amuck of the system and students and dared parents to respond ...

    Sorry Pope, you can't educate me on what I KNOW, seen and have experienced first hand in this district for much of the last 13 years that I have been intimately involved for FREE....

    You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but me, at least on this issue, NONE of the time...


  3. Happy Saturday to you Pastor! I appreciate your response. It saddens me to see a man of cloth carry such bitterness when the root of that bitterness appears to be based on a combination of myth building and ancient history. Sir I would love to join me and the rest of civilization to 2014, a time when a black prez could not have been elected and re-elected without the White vote. As you know, the last several Dist. 150 superintendents have been Black. I'm sorry, but I just don't subscribe to your assertion that non-blacks are trying to make it hard on a Black superintendent. Why must liberals (of all colors) see everything in color and not competence and qualification? John 7:24 tells us to disregard appearances but rather "judge with the right judgement." I nor Jesus want to see race-artists convicted by the law of the transgressors any longer. It's just that the last three Supers have flat out sucked. I don't think Mr. Hinton did anything to enhance and promote higher quality education for Peoria public schools. As for Ms. Royster, well... let's not go there other than to say that anyone who would kick out a group of handicapped students at Sterling in order to make room for air-conditioned offices for her regime is beyond intolerable. Let us join together and pray for the betterment of Dist. 150. May the Lord bless the community with a qualified Super who has the childrens best interest at heart. God Bless!

    1. Mr. Adkins-Dutro,

      What grieves me is to see individuals such as yourself live in complete fantasy avoiding the real issues. My position has nothing to do with liberalism or "bitterness". That latter (that I am bitter) is a method that racists (yourself excluded from that in my heart of hearts) have always applied toward Black men as they have viewed their world through their perspective and experience and demanded change. So far as what I outlined, I am not talking conjecture on anything I have said or state. I am speaking on factual happenings within this district, much of which you are aware.

      So far as trying to make it hard on Black Supt''s I have not nor ever asserted that. My reference to Hinton was to him being "home grown", which is a criteria that you hail, NOT to him being Black. Further, I NEVER referenced Royster, nor her actions either favorably, nor negatively...

      I know racial tactics, jim crowism, and all the suggestive language that comes with racism, and ALL of those elements exist in your and your groups current efforts to remove this Supt. I have cartoons to prove it, that only ceased when I brought them to light, which your group NEVER discouraged, disassociated with and or from. I think THAT is shameful!

      I am really in stitches that you believe that the election of a Black President "levels" or somehow demonstrates that racism doesn't exist in modern times...I want YOU to come back to 2014 from wherever you are that even suggested that notion to is certainly not on earth that you can glean those conclusions...

      Yesterday, President Obama pointed out the fact that it was 10 years after Brown vs Board of Education that Civil Rights and racial equality was even acted on...10 years!

      Are you even serious to believe that a country can interculturalize(made up word) society for over 150 years in racial inequality in it be eliminated in 50 years??? Obviously your degree is NOT in sociology! It will take another 50 years to deliver real progress on race perception in this country and another 100 years after that to develop a true equalization of cultural identity.

      Now, so far as your bible lessons on race and how I should approach the subject, Jesus most closely identifies with those of us who have been ostracized for one reason or another and for those who are socially and even politically oppressed. The "establishment" both religious and otherwise would not receive him. He preached and did wonders among the common folk who suffered from poverty, unemployment, sickness and all kinds of inequities at the hands of the powers that be...

      My community suffers and continues to suffer double digit unemployment, poverty, injustice at the hands of criminal justice system, and folk like you, want what progress that people like me are receiving in education to cease, pretending that all problems are the result of a Supt. run amuck...

      The real and hard truth is that no other entity in Peoria that oversees millions of dollars in budget, delivers services to Black people like District 150 has done and continues to do under this Supt. Who hires over 200 Black individuals per year? What Black person oversees a budget of millions of dollars in the Black? (As long as the State makes good on its promises) What entity in Peoria is leveling the playing field when it comes to Blacks, technology, access to resources and preparedness to participate in the future economy?

      Sir, I believe that I have PASSED the John 7:24 criteria, but not judging self righteously, as many of your pundits have done, but have judged righteously, and by a right standard.

    2. So, I would advise that you Sir, take a step back, look at what is set before you and ask yourself, why you don;t like the progress that is being made? Why you would rather see a whole class pf people penalized than prepared? I would like to know why, we feel that a person, John Wetterhauer, who was disciplined for RACISM, and not following outlined procedures, mandated by protocol, is considered by YOU and others to be a "righteous fight"????

      Now, don't test me because I have the report, which you also have access to. What about that (which was not denied) is considered "righteous"?

      What we have is status quo saying, allow things to stay the same because it suits us...I say NO, absolutely not! CONTINUE to call teachers to a higher standard of accountability. They call our children to it...what's good for the goose is good for the gander....

      Now, one more thing...recently, a teacher was describing some Black students and their actions in the hallway as the class transported...This White teacher described 2 of her Black students behavior as "two little dancing monkeys"...I heard it with my own ears....

      I am saying this lady was a racist? Certainly she is too experienced to be so culturally insensitive, but that is "normal" to her. What I am saying is that racism as an overarching premise and part of certain lives and language has a long way to go before it leaves society. Unfortunately, many of the problems we see in the schools, are birthed out of that cocoon. Sad but true.

      You can change Supt's if you want believing that will change whatever it is that you want to change, but you need to spend your time trying to change the teaching culture, and attitudes under which effective teaching is done. I do this through my Dream Builders program,
      what is the Federation Of Teachers doing to address it, besides make the faulty assumption that its all the Supt's fault? I and WE know better.

      Thanks and God bless you too!

  4. Well good afternoon Pastor. I hope your weekend is going well. First, let me set the record straight by stating that I am not associated with any such group that you've referenced in your last reply. I stand on the Lord's word sir. I do agree that the election of this president hasn't improved race relations as so many who voted for him had hoped. In fact, the divide has only widened over the last 6 years. It's unfortunate that under this president, unemployment has went up in the Black community. Please don't think that it's better in other communities because the economy has been hard on everyone. It is written: The Lord will be a refuge for the oppressed in times of trouble (Psalm 9:9). It appears to me that based on your comments to me that too many people tend to rely on man or government as refuge instead of what Scripture commands. If we could direct our fellow man to invest time seeking Him, then those in pain and suffering will begin to live the life God wants them to live! I don't doubt that you may have heard someone use an insensitive racial remark, but to overlook insensitive remarks made against Asians, Whites, Latinos etc. from the Black community is nothing short of dishonest. But lets not make this a White/Black issue. Insensitive racial remarks exist in all cultures. So the next time you feel the need to speak out against treatment against the Black community, just remember the Irish who faced "Irish need not apply" signs from days gone by. I appreciate you providing this forum for dialogue. God Bless!

    1. Thanks but what makes you think I would forget any of the remarks directed towards racial groups while speaking up for those directed towards mine? In addition, I don't know of anyone who has to be a spokesperson for all racial groups to be one for Blacks or any other minority.

      from what I have seen and experienced, the problem is vast and nothing new for those who have spent their lifetimes advocating on behalf of Blacks and minorities within America. In Peoria, I can only and best speak from my experience. One one hand, we all want crime in general to cease. In school, we believe we lay a foundation for this as we spend a great deal of time teaching our children "respect" and "values".

      Then publicly, groups utterly disrespect individuals displaying the most awful values in the process, and implore methods that were prevalent under jim crow era racism, including strongarming, threats, home and personal space invasion, open ridicule through cartoons, etc. These things should naturally lead us to question what is really happening.

      Historically, the Black community, above all communities that you name in the United States and Peoria in particularly, suffers disproportionately. There are multiple reasons and issues that can be named as a cause for this, which includes economic abandonment and victimization, but education is certainly one reason.

      This majority Black school district, like most around the country, is taught by majority White teachers. That in itself is not the failure, but it is a consideration and something that MUST be addressed either on a preparedness issue or basis, or by a fundamental change in approach in reaching the classroom setting.

      What behavioral issues that we experience are not the Supt's fault as pundits would have us believe. Addressing the issue from a broad and inclusive perspective, pointing out the flaws in current approach and demanding better results from each classroom is looked at as cruel and unusual...PLEASE. That's what all good educators are trying to do every week...get better...

      Just last week, certain individuals to their shame were up in arms that the District served the needs of the family of Trevor Chick, whom I knew personally. If this district should be anything it should be for the families and students. The pundits I have heard only focus on themselves, not on the kids. They have not delivered one so called reform that makes the educational process better for the kids.

      Yes, these are difficult topics and even more difficult to discuss in a rational and truly objective manner as at least one of the news radio shows that I have done display. However, if we don't seek to discuss this issue from a full perspective, we do ourselves and the community a great disservice and in my opinion there is far too much at stake to continue to do that.

  5. Happy Sunday! Thank you for allowing me to clarify. No, I don't believe that you would forget such disparaging remarks issued by the Black community to other groups of color. It's just that I believe that your commentary would benefit from putting the entire portrait in focus. As the old saying goes, two or more wrongs don't make a right. While the Jim Crow era is indeed a stain on American history, it is the here an now that we must focus our collective attention on if we wish to progress to a brighter, harmonious future as a people made in the image of God! Rather than focus things we can't change, let's focus on the things we can change? For instance, how would you feel about assembling a missionary group to help the victims of today at the mercy of the slavers of the Sudan? It must especially trouble the Black community to know that their ancestors are being raped and brutalized by their black slave masters as we speak! The more we exchange our thoughts on the forum the more I am convinced that we agree more than we disagree. AMEN! I would just encourage you to rebuke the demonic influence, the demonic stronghold that the devil is attempting to place on your mind, body and spirit. The bitterness that you feel is a vulnerable gateway for the enemy (Satan and the forces of darkness) to enter! Let's focus on the real injustices of modern day slavery across the sea. As for public schooling, I hope that you appreciate the teachers who give of themselves to educate our children, no matter what color they are! Unless you're advocating for times that predate 1954, you should be celebrating White teachers teaching students of all color! The race industry does have it's merits, but let us acknowledge that it is also a highly profitable one! Ephesians 4:32 reminds us to be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you!

    1. You also said this: "I would just encourage you to rebuke the demonic influence, the demonic stronghold that the devil is attempting to place on your mind, body and spirit. The bitterness that you feel is a vulnerable gateway for the enemy (Satan and the forces of darkness) to enter!"

      First, I have no bitterness NOR demonic activity on my mind, body and or spirit...Evidently, you don't have the Holy Ghost, because a person that has the Spirit of God abiding within themselves, cannot attribute the works of God to the devil.

      1 Cor. 12:3 ~ Therefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Spirit.

      Now for you to say that I have the "devil attempting to place a stronghold" on me in any also denies the fruit of what I have produced within the community which is easily and readily witnessed by this entire community. Mt. 7:16 is the mandate whereby we are required to deduce the works of God in the lives of fellow believers. However, before going there, I suggest you stop at Mt. 7:3-5. It says this:

      "3-And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4-Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5-Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye"

      This is apropos to this conversation. If you do not want to deal with TRUTH...the TRUTH that the group change 150 is no more than a political stunt, and that complaints against the Supt. really have nothing to do with education, but only has to do with social comforts of people who otherwise do not wish to do their jobs under anyone's direction, yet alone the direction of a Black women or person in general. When you are willing to acknowledge that this is the issue THEN we can talk, because then I will know you are sincere and have an understanding of the issues involved and are not simply sold on the association of friends who want you to understand things from their perspective and deny others such as mine.

      Excuse me, but all this fake spirituality you are trowing won't work, at least not with me. I have been saved and a STUDENT of the bible, church and people for over 30 years. You appear to be a "johnny come lately" with not much depth in.

      The Chinese proverb quoted in the movie Mulan says it best..."No matter how it may howl, the mountain cannot bow to the wind."

      For sure, I won't as the ONLY one worth bowing to is Jesus himself...until then, you will see me continuing to stand on this issue and others like it.

    2. You said: you should be celebrating White teachers teaching students of all color!

      Why? Is there some type of salvation factor in White teachers teaching students of color? Why is this something to "celebrate"?

      We CELEBRATE good teachers no matter what color they are. I know many of them. Some of them happen to be White. They are not good because they are White, they are good because they are dedicated professionals, love children, open to parents, and take their job requirements seriously and progressively.

      I think you should quit at whatever point you were attempting to make, because the more you try to rationalize why you are right, you show more of how wrong and antiquated your thoughts actually are....

  6. Pope,

    You said: "It's just that I believe that your commentary would benefit from putting the entire portrait in focus. As the old saying goes, two or more wrongs don't make a right."

    Where is the second wrong? Pointing out the FIRST wrong is not somehow in itself wrong and I don;t accept the premise that me pointing it out and requiring justice is wrong. This is once again, the same ole shame tactic that classic racism rests upon. Classic racism, suggests that the victims is responsible for their victimization because they are not "nice enough"...They are not "good quiet niggers"...the vocal are told that they are wrong for being vocal. That is poppycock!

    Until people are ready and willing to deal with the issues and reconstruct solutions suitable to all of us, then we will forever be stalled at teh gate of discontent.

    What if Jesus had simply said, "let the money-changers do what they do, God will make it right, let's work on constructive solutions"....No, Jesus didn't do that, Jesus demanded Justice and righteousness in the name of the Lord. Jesus BEAT the money-changers out of the temple which was called Herod's Temple. They, the "establishment" was out of order taking liberties where they had no rights...It was their money, the the purpose of the entire system was the Lord's not theirs.

    So the harmoniousness of the people does not begin with overlooking wrong, and accepting injustice. It begins with teaching people to follow the Kingdom reign of Christ, which in secular society begin with the acknowledgement of inequity, disparity, and all the social ills that come with it.

    So far as Sudan, each of us are to abide in our CALLING...Isn't that scripture? 1 Cor. 7:20 states: Yes, each of you should remain as you were when God called you." NLT One interpretation of this scripture is that a person should continue to do what they know that God has called them to do, whether that be in secular life or by spiritual calling.

    The Seven Sons of Sceva are a perfect example of this in Acts 19:13. Not only did they not know Christ, by whom they were planning to gain control over demons, one could summarize that they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing. They were easily overcome by the evil one.

    Supporting slaves in Sudan is noble. It is the right thing to do. But simply because I am Black DOES NOT make it the right thing for me to do...Now, the question is what are YOU doing to support this cause? If it is a good cause and you are called to it, then YOU, White, Black, Yellow or whatever race or color, should support it and make efforts. To suggest that Blacks should be more interested because we are Black is another insensitive perspective. I would have much more respect for you asking me to JOIN you in a cause, rather than you trying to direct me because you "think" it suits your stereotype of me...

    Can you understand what I am saying???

  7. Obviously Pope did not come here to deal with the arguments of article. He came because he thought that I may cower to his wierd and absurd suggestions and plain out false assertions that I am "bitter" and plagued by "demons"...

    Why would this be the case? Simply because I explore the real issues because the confusion over the dismissal of a person who has been reprimanded for racism? This same one, John Wetterhauer, who is hailed to be a "good man" by Pope and others, violated and blatantly disobeyed rules, policies and procedures outlined by his boss and had a reputation, according to the written record, of racial bias...None of which was denied by him in the report...

    Yet, those of us who speak up and place context on this and the whole fiasco are "bitter"...

    Is this guy real? If he is real he is an idiot, open for all to see. As wrong as change 150 is, I have never said the evil that they have said about me, the Supt. or any of their detractors. All we have said is that they are WRONG and that the tactics inspired by their group in dealing with this issue are racist and jim crow era tactics.

    To date, I have not seen ANYTHING that would make me think otherwise. SMH!!!

  8. Dear Pastor,

    I always enjoy reading your comments. As usual, they are way off base.

    Contrary to what you said above about Charter Oak never being accused of tampering with booklets or actual tests, following is an exerpt from page 26 of the "Charter Oak Investigative Report on ISAT Testing Irregularities." that can CURRENTLY be found on District 150's own website:
    "[redacted] also reported that after she collects the students’ answer booklets, she reviews the booklets to clean up extraneous markings or “blacken” in answer bubbles if a student has marked multiple answers in response to a test question. [redacted] also reported that she directs her students to erase an answer during test administration if it is clear to her that the student intended to select another answer or she will “completely erase the answer [herself].”" (

    Look at that, Pastor, it looks like SOMEBODY AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER *DID* accuse Charter Oak of manipulating and changing answers after they were handed in. This is one of the many accusations and "evidence of cheating" that the Charter Oak teachers were accused of.

    BUT, according to the ISBE letter "“There is no evidence the answer documents of these students have been manipulated or tampered with in any way.”

    So, this baseless accusation has been proven false. What else in the 500 page, $130,000 report was a baseless accusation? It certainly makes one wonder...

    1. It's good that you are making an effort to keep up and you know that I am not wrong on this one or any other regarding the issue that I have carried either you and your grandmother don't understand what the report initially stated, or "close enough" is good enough for you as well...

      What you reference is on pg. 26 of the report. This is a section where a teacher is telling on herself stating that she implemented the wrong practices in test administration. She led and guided students into correct answers and "cleaned up" NOT changed answers on the answer sheets...In fact...if she or he had changed answers how does he or she know which mark is correct? Have you stopped to consider what you are reading?

      Here is what the district states regarding this issue:

      " ISBE’s response only states what it did not find: “There is no evidence the answer documents of these students have been manipulated or tampered with in any way.” But that was never the issue. As indicated in the District’s self-report, this was never a case of teachers who erased and corrected student test scores. It was a case about teachers admittedly giving accommodations during the administration of the tests that were not reflected on the Individualized Education Plan (IEP)—and the principal’s failure to train and monitor those teachers—that resulted in what initially triggered the internal investigation, which was students scoring at levels that defied logic and probability."

      My bet is that you have NO CLUE as to what IEP accommodations are or what is covered in the training before tests are administered. I DO!

      I just happen to know the difference between answers being changed and improper accommodations for testing because...guess what...I've been TRAINED on the issue and have a guideline that was given to these people in front of me....

      So yours appears to be a disconnect of either language or actual understanding of what was the problem was. I can read the documents and I understand the differences between manipulation of answers, and improperly handling the material. There was no accusation of the former, while the latter was even admitted in the report YOU reference by those that administered the tests....

      My how off base is the TRUTH?

    2. One more thing, how is anything that someone ADMITS to doing baseless??? The ISBE evidently AGREED with the district that answers had not been changed.

      You and those like you are beyond belief. You can be a featured guest on that old show, "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" are waaaay beyond belief.

      A HALF truth is a WHOLE lie!

  9. Pope, you are smitten, both with ignorance and stupidity!

    Please stop, I was hoping that you weren't a racist, but the commentary that because I am Black, my attention should be on injustices in Africa are hilarious...I have never been to Africa. I am an AMERICAN...

    I see a bible under your arm is dangerous for all those that give you any credence as a result...My goodness what a FARCE!

    1. Absolutely agree. His mind is so UNclear- how can you preach. Besides, pastor, you started it all in the first place - racism bullshit. It wasn't there in the first place. If you listen to all Board of Education meetings and read the letters to Journal Star, read, you'll see!

    2. You sound like a Mormon..."read this and you'll get a burning in your bosom"...PLEASE! Ignorance is not knowing the truth...Foolishness is overlooking everything that tells you the truth and reestabishing your own version of it...

      from what I can tell, it's commentators and folk who think like you who can be accurately called "ignorant fools", because not only do you not know the subject matter, you have no clue what racism is and how it is applied in modern society or simply live in denial to pacify yourself, and anyone who tells you the truth you write off because they hold views contrary to yours....

      I don;t care your assessment or change 150's. I have placed enough GOOD and CORRECT information out regarding their statements to enlighten any rational person and have distinguished the difference in an effort to help kids (which neither of yours are) and an effort to hate people...which is all I and WE see. I get more folk that stop me in the stores and ENCOURAGE me than you care to know.

      What you don;t realize is that folk like you have alienated a whole community of people and they and we are tired of your sick tactics and ignorance.

      See you Thursday!