Monday, May 4, 2015

District 150 FREE Summer Camps For District 150 Students

Peoria District 150 is expanding their list of summer programs offered to District 150 students. The District will be sponsoring 2 new summer camps this year.

1- FAST START Youth Track & Field Skills Camp
2- NEXT LEVEL Girls Basketball Skills Camp

Both of these camps are to be held at Manual High school and are FREE to ALL District 150 students entering grades 5 to 8 in the 2015-2016 school year. FREE transportation services will be provided for all those who complete their registration by May 8th, 2015. FREE meals will be provided for all participants as well.

Details of the Camps are as follows:

Week: July 13th - 17th 2015

1st Session Track & Field Skills Camp
Bus Arrives
Breakfast: 8:30 AM
Training Session: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Lunch: 12:05 - 12:30 PM
Bus Departs (with those not enrolled in the basketball camp)

2nd Session Girls Basketball Skills Camp
Bus Arrives
Lunch 12:05PM - 12:30PM
Training Session: 12:35PM - 3:00PM
Bus Departs: 3:10PM

Registration forms can be found at slideshare here:

FAST START Track & Field Skills Camp

NEXT LEVEL Girls Basketball Skills Camp

We are connecting with coaches who would like to volunteer a portion of their valuable time to help us in this venture. We would like parents interested in these sports to help as well. An agenda meeting will be set by June 5th.

We are seeking sponsors to help offset the cost of expenses associated with this camp. It is possible that some campers may need material support and your gifts will be essential in addressing those needs. In exchange we would like to publicly advertise the fact that you are a camp sponsor.

Please contact us by email at to find out how you and or your church, business, or organization can be a part of this tremendous opportunity to serve our youth and our community.

Thank you.
Pastor Harvey Burnett

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pastor's Association Partners With The Jewish Federation Of Peoria

 Genesis 12:3 ~ And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Special Announcement: 

In light of our historic visit to Washington D.C., a time in which the pastors of the Urban Cure Network stood for freedom and with our nation's greatest ally in the fight against terrorism, Israel, we returned to Peoria and promptly opened dialogue with the local Jewish community to discuss the Israeli elections, and invoke community awareness of the many important issues surrounding Jewish statehood, and Israel's existence in the Middle East.

Pastor H. Burnett & Susan Katz
Jewish Federation Of Peoria
Pictured here with the local Jewish Federation Executive Director, Susan Katz, and one of the Local Federation's international exchange and information specialists, the aim of our coming together is to spark dialogue exploring the long, historic relationship that the United States and the Black community in particular has had with the Jewish community in the United States.

What many have forgotten or simply didn't know, is that in the struggle for civil rights, jobs and a better community and country, Jews stood lock and shoulder with the nations greatest Black civil rights leaders and proponents of freedom. They too were criticized for peaceful resistance, and were some of the first individuals to proudly hire Blacks and even help Black entrepreneurs establish business to provide for their families.

We arise to remember and respect that historic relationship and build upon it within our community. I invite as many local pastors as possible to join me in the renewing of a relationship so vitally cherished biblically and so important in our quest for a better and more vibrant community.

Roey Gilead
PASTORS: Please join me and the Peoria Assn. Of Pastors, next Wednesday (March 25th) at noon, 12:00PM, at the Jewish Federation Offices located at 2000 Pioneer Pkwy, Ste: 10B Peoria, IL. 61615 (309)689-0063 to hear the Honorable Roey Gilead, Counsul General of Israel to the Midwest, as he discusses the topic "Strategic Challenges Facing the New Israeli Government"

He will also make the same presentation that evening at 7:00PM at Bradley University's Neumiller Hall, but the afternoon session will allow us time to not only personally meet the Counsel General, but to discuss specific issues of concern as we seek to forge a strong bond with the local Jewish community. Lunch will be provided and the event is free of charge.
Please RSVP with the Pastor's association prior to the event by emailing us at

Pastor Harvey Burnett
Executive Director

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Peoria Pastors Stand With Israel & Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu

Pastor Harvey Burnett, and nearly 30 other pastors from various parts of the country, were invited to Washington DC to provide input on the American/Israeli relationship and the ruckus surrounding the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu scheduled for Tuesday March 3rd, 2015.

First, Israel not only has a right to exist, but has a right to be a part of any plan or negotiation that deals with its national security especially against an enemy that has repeatedly taken aggressive actions in the region against both Israel and the US. 

Secondly, Black people are not "controlled" by entities such as the Congressional Black Caucus. Even though they threaten to boycott the Prime Minister, Black people are not homogeneous in our thoughts and values. We are certainly not held loyal to any entity that is deftly silent or absent as it pertains to the condition of the Black community and the community in general. 

Third, although there are racists of every nationality, the lies of Jewish racism towards Sudanese refugees is not only an overstatement, it is based on the ignorance of the methods of solo jihadists, whose goal is national instability and the institution of sharia in every part of the world, and how jihad must be addressed to make the community safe. 

WE are not deceived and we therefore stand with Israel!    

Pastor Burnett appears at about 29:20 into the video.
This event in Washington DC was sponsored by Star Parker's Urban Cure.  

For further clarity on issues surrounding this and other matters, please see the most recent posting at The Dunamis Word on issues of importance regarding our national security. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

The American Life For Some Of Us

I recently heard this broadcast on WCBU here in Peoria. 

Some of these officers in Miami Gardens were jaded and some were simply bad cops. In a town with a population of 110,000 had 99.980 stops in 5 years. Miami had 3,753 stops in the same 5 year period of time. This was a Black Police Chief as well. A 5 and 7 year old were stopped for being "suspicious" or a suspect in a crime. Are you serious??? 

What should be done is a rotation and readjustment for street cops so that they won't become victims of reinforced stereotypes and predispositions. I have people in Peoria calling me that are experiencing things similar to this. When we have police telling people to move and get off the front porch of their own homes, we have an issue. We have received many calls from Peorians who have similar experiences to these.