Friday, May 16, 2008

Response To Lou Tice & The Pacific Institute

Pertaining to Mr. Tice's apologetic, I can only say that either what he writes is not accurate or what he says is not accurate. He cannot have it both ways.

First, there is nothing wrong with positive thinking and planning for success. Those are standard aspects of any motivation program. Our children should be encouraged that they can dream and have vision for the future and that educators should not give up on them. Those are the only aspects of his program that Mr. Tice advocated Thursday at the Peoria Civic center. Why would anyone expect to hear anything other than the positive on the initial pass? He’s a salesman and a salesman’s job is to first get your attention, then sell while your emotion is high.

Mr. Tice's problems with his program are beyond mere positive confession. Contrary to his statements made to the PJSTAR and WEEK, Mr. Tice knows EXACTLY what is meant by "New Age"...the mere fact that he "heard it 15 years ago" (As he says in the same sentence) is the best indicator that he is fully aware of what I’ve mentioned. Mr. Tice counts on no one else knowing what "New Age" means. This is why Mr. Tice must convince anyone challenging his teachings of their "ignorance".

Secondly, "New Ageism" is an eclectic psudospirituality and is inappropriate in the classroom in a Public School setting. The reason I say psudospirituality is because the axis IS NOT based on spirituality, but on humanity. Spirituality is simply a means to the end of exalting and deifying humanity. In the Pacific Institutes case, The Mind and Mind Dynamics, are the pinnacle of existence and ultimate control of mankind. These concepts are repeated over and over in the material.

Third, Mr. Tice introduces his eclecticism by introducing the Buddhism in his materials, although, any philosopher could have been quoted the Pali Canon is directly quoted in his material. The quote from the Pali Canon is not accidental, it is intentional,
"All that is comes from the mind; it's based on the mind, it is fashioned by the mind"
Pali Canon 500-250 BC

This is Buddhism 101. Buddhism basically teaches that humanity at a certain conscious state is divine. The object is to gain affirmations that "The Mind" is the vehicle from where ALL reality and fiction flows. In this construct even God and God concepts come from the mind and are created by humanity. This is the humanist theme song as outlined by Paul Kurtz in the humanist Manifesto 2000. There is an ongoing debate in Christian circles as to how for to go with these teaching, but the point is clear, for Mr. Tice to say he doesn’t know what’s being said is deceitful to say the least.

Fourth, Mr. Tice is not just making educational statements within the context of the classroom, he's making theological statements which are not denied when he says, "Good theology and good psychology go together." In his worldview the mind dynamics run along side spiritual dynamics with a healthy mind giving way to healthily spirituality.

Even though he hasn't read the material as I have, a responder to the Peoria Journal Star’s blog gave one of the best comments concerning the issue. He said this,

"I think the concern here is that this program goes beyond visualization to the
belief that reality can be literally manipulated by how one thinks."

That statement is totally correct. This is the 21 Keys program and outlines the complete deception of Mr. Tice. The program states,

"This whole curriculum is designed to help you achieve what you want to achieve. You don’t
need more education, you need a vehicle to help you reach what it is you desire." Pg. 103
This is NOT limited to education, test scores, positive thoughts or anything of the sort. This is a overarching life statement. "Visualization" and "feeling the emotion" are only methods to help individuals achieve "what you want".

Now if you don’t know how mysticism works, you have no clue or the foggiest idea of what I’m talking about. But the whole concept of "achieving desires" and "subconscious reality" is an eastern metaphysical thought system and is unworthy of the Public School Educational realm.

Fifth, the program says this about using thought and visualization:

"Now remember we’ve spoken a little bit in the past about the Pygmalion principle. What you’re going to do is you’re going to Pygmalion your day. You’re going to sculpt your day, you’re going to create your day with your thought." Workbook Pg. AJ-5

One may say that the material is only referring to planning your day…NO. He is a "modern psychologist" as he claims who certainly knows the difference between "planning" and "CREATING" as his material specifies. His program is designed to imprint the subconscious and manipulate actions through the medium of visualization and affirmations that sway individuals away from current truth into new subconcious realities and suggestions.

IN PRINT, his program encourages elements of Eastern Mysticism and other humanistic dynamics NOT just visualization, in order to create "reality on the subconscious level."Pg. 65.

This is indoctrination to religious/ humanistic psychomanipulation. His program is complete with information on identifying "alpha-states" and other mind-altering techniques.

In his public speaking Mr. Tice does what salespeople do, sell their products.

Finally, Mr. Tice states the following:

"His ignorance is obvious about how the mind works and modern psychology,".

Although this is hardly the terminology that a top psychologist is trained to use, (and that is with intention) as a lay person I am personally and fully aware of the Gestalt psychology and psychotechnologyies that the 21 Keys program is based on. I am also fully aware of the flow of current information into the field of modern psychology. These studies are not new, however theories have been revised to fit a popular audience. Some theories are very helpful others leave much to be desired. In the end of the 21 Keys program "creative expression" is not the aim, subjection and ultimately control is.

No matter what happens, Peoria will not be able to say that it was not given the information necessary to be able to discern the truth of Mr. Tice’s program. I expect If a person approaches this program with their critical thinking capacities, they should be able to distinguish when the line is being crossed from mere positive motivations to mysticism and religion. All I can say is that my children will not be subject to the use of the 21 Keys.

Pastor Harvey Burnett


  1. Sir, your blog here is full of passages plagiarized from another site. You do not quote properly and you do not reference that site.

    Plagiarism is stealing and stealing breaks a commandment. You stole another's thoughts, words, ideas, sentence by sentence.

    This is UNETHICAL and possibly illegal.

  2. There are only so many ways to say what is already so WIDELY known. There is no intent to claim the thoughts as original on prior posts and refrences to web sites from which information can be obtained, including books written about the subject, are CLEARLY provided.

    So for as this specific post ALL comments are based on what the book "21 Keys" says IN CONTEXT. The responding material is not found elsewhere and if it is, as we said, its general knowledge.

    FYI- There's nothing UNETHICAL about shedding light on what is blatantly obvious and perpetuating truth already espoused is a biblical mandate.

    Thank you.

    Pastor H. Burnett

    1. dear Pastor, i agree with all you have shown here about "the pacific institute" or as i prefer to call it "the pathetic's institute",

      i was going out with a woman who spoke very well of Mr Tice and his "institute" , she showed me the daily e-mails that arrived every morning at 5am which she religiously got out of bed to read, she talked about him daily etc etc,
      i soon came to realise that this "institute" was the work of a salesman dressed up as an American motivational speaker/television evangelical type/father figure/ and was down right dangerous, when i tried to point this out to her in the most simple and gentle way possible by explaining that i recognised he had cherry picked from all sorts of different teachings i.e. buddhism she displayed severe cognitive dissonance and would not even listen to me while claiming i was talking rubbish and was JEALOUS???

      even the name "institute" for what is motivational speaking (thats being nice about this cult) suggested to me that something was wrong!!!

      thankfully i was able to recognise what this cult was and move away!!

  3. I don't believe this, Pastor. In your May 14th Blog, you DIRECTLY CUT AND PASTE your text from this site: starting with this text "Building on the foundation of the '50s' beatniks, who were into Zen and other forms of Eastern spirituality, the hippies eventually grew up to enter the corporate world, often taking with them their mystical spiritual and philosophical worldview." There are additional PARAGRAPHS of text stolen from this site. You pass them as your own and only giving passing reference at the end of the entire article. You do not differentiate your own text and thoughts from those lifted from this site. defines plagiarism as "1. the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.
    2. something used and represented in this manner."

    You did this. It is UNETHICAL and I am shedding light on this because as a Christian I need to expose the truth about people who steal.

    As a Christian, I had hoped you would issue an apology and correct this. Seems the devil's defense mechanisms inside you are kicking up, though.

  4. Anonymous~ "You did this. It is UNETHICAL and I am shedding light on this because as a Christian I need to expose the truth about people who steal."

    [Yea right! I seriously doubt the sincereity and honor of your your own definition I free of your absurd RANTINGS..."representation of them as one's own original work"...Where's that representation?

    Neither I nor we owe you anything, you're even afraid to use your real name. Anonymous...Relieve yourself of this task, stick with the real issue (that you as a "supposed" Christian don't seem to care about) The inculturation of our children into mysticism and related practices through the Public School System...

    Blessed!- All original thoughts by,


  5. Wow, you take someone else's words, pass them as your own, then change the subject. Deflection. Interesting.

    I question your sincerity, because you obviously have blinders on to your own issues, yet seek to cast stones at others at every chance, in the name of the Lord.

    Can't you just admit that you cut and paste the text from another site, then didn't properly give them credit?

    If you continue to deceive like this, then you are creating more of a problem then a solution to the attacks of faith. It's too bad you don't see that. I understand what you are trying to do for the community. I disagree with some of your tactics, but others I respect. However, this one needs to be addressed and corrected. By you.

    (And there is no way I would leave my real name. When you are in the Christian community and point out its flaws, beware. It does not change the fact that you plagiarized.)

  6. Anonymous ~ "(And there is no way I would leave my real name. When you are in the Christian community and point out its flaws, beware. It does not change the fact that you plagiarized."

    LOL-LOL-LOL!...You are too funny 2 me. You'll have to do MUCH better than you are doing...LOL...What do they say a perfect non-sequiter?

    Anyway, since you are "so" driven, what's your opinion here? Were you a student of Imagine 21 or 21 Keys? Does the "wizard" have you under a spell too?

    Did you or do you not see the mysticism? Do you or do you not believe it's material to be harmful? Maybe you don't have enough information?

    You may have a better chance at that debate than the one you're trying to concoct...What is it, I'd like 2 know.

  7. Sorry, no concoction. Here is a link to enlighten you to plagiarism:
    and also

    In the latter link, look at the 5th bullet point under "What is Plagiarism". Perhaps you can take it up with libraries, English teachers, etc. with what your definition is, since you seem to have your own definition that is not mainstream and you believe is correct.

    You keep changing the subject, rather than addressing it, fixing it, and moving on.

    (Oh, and its "non sequitur" for the rest of the world.)

  8. I'm soooooo glad that you're filled with "righteous indignation" It's good to be passionate about something...

    By the way I knew you'd for sure know what "non sequitur" was and would correct me...MOVING ON...Thanks.

    Pastor Harvey Burnett

    -All original thoughts except for "Non-Sequitur" which has been plagiarized for this comment-

  9. By the way, I just checked, and the site you pulled the text from (Lawrence Pile's paper) is copyrighted. This means you violated copyright laws.

    The bottom of the page has "Copyright (c) 1995-2008 Cult Awareness and Information Centre"

    For all the other pastors reading this (though I doubt any of them do!), here is the paper Pastor Burnett plagiarized:

    This is not rocket science. It's a pastor not admitting his error in judgment and stealing another person's work.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Since you mentioned it Mr. "In The Closet" have you received the permissions I received from Mr. Pile to use his info?

    I didn't think so.

    In apologetics, we're always more than happy to share information, turn down lies like those that have been exposed, other liars such as yourself.

    Good day Mr. Righteous!

  12. Though it has been over a year since all of these posts have taken place, I am appalled at the behavior of Pastor H. Burnett; not the plagiarism issue, but the written responses to "Anonymous."

    As a Buddhist, I recognize that Lou Tice incorporates eastern thought into his teachings. My company passes around his weekly e-mails like he speaks the truth of issues never spoken of before. While I think that he is a modern sophist that should be questioned before accepting his teachings, a portion of his teachings is conducive to enlightenment.

    To end this, Pastor H. Burnett should take time for self-reflection and evaluation. Your comments are unbefitting of a Pastor.

    1. Almost 7 years later now....I completely agree with you. Nothing about these replies were befitting of a Pastor in the slightest. They are just all around unprofessional. Appalled is exactly how I'm feeling reading these posts.

    2. Ooh PLEASE get real. If you feel for this foolishness, you can't hardly determine what would be "befitting" of anyone or anything. It would prove your blindness and inept ability to discern truth.

      Lou is gone and better yet, his "psychotechnologies" no longer operate within our schools. the latter is certainly a win for our students, even if the loss of his person was a sad thing.

      How you "feel"???? Imagine how one feels to stand against the deception of a community... Nevertheless, I thank god I was not deceived nor afraid to explain, in detail, why.


  13. My comments are EXACTLY what every Pastor should be doing regarding this issue.

    You recognize Tice's garbage as being filled and sprinkled with a variable hodgepodge of Eastern religion and religious principles, yet the law states that religion should not be introduced in schools. So not only do you affirm that Tice violates the law but you encourage it because you are a Buddhist.

    On top of this you try to "scold me" because Tice does what shouldn't be done under the law and you hate Christians or anyone who will speak against it.

    What kind of perverted insights do you maintain?

    My job is to speak the truth to power and instill a greater sense of justice and righteousness for all men, in this case, children, who unfortunately speak for themselves including yours...I'm quite sure if I went into the school and instituted a distinctly Christian program you and other apostates would be up in arms and all over the news claiming establishment clause violations.

    Please, get real, get relevant and most of all get Jesus. The self-god of Buddhism is doing you no justice.

    Thank you.

  14. I guess the thing that critics such as this don't understand is that GOOD Christian leaders care less about negative public opinion.

    Our mission is to the the work of HIM that has called us to that work and to finish it.

    So understand I have no preoccupation with self preservation especially where the safety values and moral strength of our children are envolved.

  15. I've been through Lou Tice's program and find your arguments to be ridiculous. The central concept of his message is that a person's self image can and does effect their performance. To increase performance a person has to deeply believe they are truly capable. Unless you've sat through the message WITH AN OPEN MIND (I realize that is not possible) your arguments are nothing more than rhetoric hiding behind pseudo-Christan double talk.

  16. Your diatribe against Mr.Tice is uncalled for and certainly Unchristian. It is pastors like you that give Christianity a bad name. Mr. Tice taught me a level of wisdom, understanding, and acceptance of circumstances in a way that no fundamentalist idiot preacher could. Look in the mirror, "pastor." I don't subscribe to your brand of exclusive Christianity, and it is ironic on this Holy Week that you would espouse such trash,uneducated garbage, and babble. Jesus stood for love and acceptance of one another, as did Mr. Tice, which is something that you "fundys" could learn from if you had a mind, a mind that you could open.

    1. How do you know? leaving a message that YOU can't stand behind, is that "Christian"?

      In addition, Jesus stood against all forms of hypocrisy and degradation and told us (his followers) to be ready to do the same. What bible do you read? Can you imagine that may be the reason that we celebrate a holy week at all?

      Mr. Tice continually deceives and indoctrinates individuals through his programs no matter what they are called as the names change regularly. the "psychotechnologies" that he uses are no more than a form of mind control and mind manipulation, this is why simply another reason that his programs are unacceptable and unfit for childhood learning situations.

      In short, thankfully, neither I nor we, have to ascribe to "your brand" of Christianity either.

  17. don't argue with a fool people might not notice the difference

  18. Wow Paster Burnett. Have you ever sat through the course? Have you ever talked with anyone from The Pacific Institute? Have you ever asked for any of the results of TPI's clients? On the day that Lou Tice passed away, April 1, 2012, Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, called Mrs. Tice and told her that if it was not for Lou's Investment In Excellence, he would not be where he is today.
    "Your present thoughts determine your future." Lou Tice. So this is cultish? "We act and behave in accordance with the truth as we believe ourselves to be." Lou Tice. Cultish? Hmm. Strengthening our self-esteem. Cultish? Being more accountable. Cultish? More self-responsibility. Cultish?

    And did the good Lord come down from heaven and put His hand on your head and said...What?

    "Go out and tear down others that are out to improve the world?" Please.
    I am Catholic. I am a christian. My God did not teach us that.

    A cult? I seriously doubt it. For every concept taught in Tice's programs there is a scripture to back it up.

    Maybe a course in humility would be good for you to go to or is that a cult too.

    By the way I use anonymous for privacy reasons not to hide from you.

    1. No matter why you use anonymity, you SHOULD hide yourself for your bogus and irrelevant commentary. I don't care what Warren says or what you interpret that Catholicism teaches you regarding the late Tice's efforts. The fact is that the program was and is totally inappropriate for the classroom setting and I feel sorry for anyone including any teacher or business person seduced by the same.

      To set the record straight, the God of the BIBLE did not need man's mysticism to bless anyone or anything. Nor did he need self-esteem to bless anyone. It wasn't self esteem by which the paraplegic at Bethesda was raised,(John 5) it was the word and power of of God. It wasn't self-esteem by which Bartimaeus gained his sight, (Mark 10:46) it was the word and power of God. In fact it wasn't even self esteem by which water was turned into wine, (John 2)it was the word and power of God. I could go on and on but point is made…

      Thus the problem is clearly seen. What you want to see taught may be fit for a self empowerment or self improvement session maybe with Tony Robbins or someplace in a sweat lodge, but it's not fit for a classroom and it is totally inappropriate for a classroom setting.

      Do you believe for any stretch of the imagination that teaching teachers to identify "Alpha States" and provide "auto suggestion" to students is in accordance with any teaching method known outside of hypnotic and mystic circles??? Are you serious??? Do you believe with a modicum of rational sense that melding Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam and a host of other religious thought together to produce some new brand of eclectic thought and teaching centered around "thought creation", "visualization" and other metaphysical concepts is good at any time especially in a classroom setting???? PLEASE!!!! Obviously you are unable to discern truth proposition and their basis.

      So YES, as it stands the program is CULTISH, should not be allowed in the class and was a total waste of teachers time, efforts and energy and an unwanted imposition upon parents such as myself and others, not to mention the students themselves many of whom expect us as to make wise decisions in helping them to avoid pitfalls such as this.

      Thank you
      Pastor Harvey Burnett

  19. Now I've noticed that the those who criticize my efforts in this are also moral relativists, many of whom claim to know the bible and how truth and error should be engaged. I say is that so? What does the bible actually teach Christians to do when we are confronted with heresies such as Tice's?

    One has to actually READ the bible to find out, but here is a good starting point:

    Ephesians 5:11-14~11-And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. 12-For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. 13-But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. 14-Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

    So for anyone saying "this is unchristian", doesn't even know the bible upon which Christianity is based. That is a shame on you, because the bible said this for you as well:

    2 Tim. 4:3-4 ~ 3- For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4-And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables

    So if I am wrong, it certainly isn't for doing what CHRISTIANS should do when evaluating evil and unrighteousness.

    Pastor Harvey Burnett

  20. Harvey, for a pastor you sure are closed minded. WOW Pal get a grip. End of discussion!

    1. No, get it right...for a pastor I believe in standing for TRUTH and not falling for a lie.

      My mind is not so open taht it falls out as you would have it. Be reminded that TURTH exists and it is worth standing for and deceit can seem very appealing. Ask Eve!

      Pastor Harvey Burnett

  21. Wow. As a former devout Christian, I can say that reading these replies from the Association and the "District Supt." reminds me why I don't want to associate with a good chunk of the community that calls themselves Christian.

    And yes, I have watched Lou's presentations. I hated sitting through them. It was cheesy and seemed like a money grab. But after finding out how many others in my group it helped with goal setting and self-esteem, I suppose it works for some people.

    Calling it a cult is childish and shows an incredible amount of fear toward individuals gaining confidence in their own abilities. There is nothing wrong, especially for a Christian, with gaining focus and courage so that one can go out and accomplish the things important to him or her. The big difference is that a Christian will likely state that God provided for the improvement, while a non-Christian will claim that the power was in him or herself.

    1. Awww, don't blame truth for your rebellion. That is a choice you make...

      So far as the late Dr. Tice's program, it was certainly a secular cult. Not knowing that is expected to a certain degree, that's why I took the time to outline the whole program as it was presented at that time.

      You tell me, identifying an alpha state in a child at school, and training a teacher to psycho-suggest to a student is a good thing? PLEASE!

      I don't know what world you live in, but I don's send my children to school for psycho-suggestion.

      I work in 3 District 150 schools every day. This program was ineffective then (when it was being used) and did not last. It is certainly ineffective if it is still being used anywhere for the reasons I outline and more.

      Secular cults and religious cults are simply bad news. You want to change the schools, get parents involved, stop the unions from making every excuse that they can as to why some of their teachers are under-performing and CONTRIBUTE to the school environment with your presence...

      I am willing to guarantee, that many of the critics of what I am saying will do NEITHER!