Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Pastoral & Community Call To Action

This was my 19 year old godson Mario McGee. A wonderful person, a hard worker, family oriented individual and an up and coming musician and songwriter. May God forever bless his memory.
Unfortunately, his death was the first murder of 2009 in the Peoria community and will hopefully be the last. In this post, I will share with you the contents of an email sent to as many area pastors as I could find in efforts to ask them to help us address the community terrorist group responsible for this killing. It is reported that gang warefare has existed in Peoria for quite some time. Particular groups have been responsible for multiple beatings, shootings and now a home invasion murder has been added to their list of misdeeds. It is time for the Pastoral community to rise once again to combat this enemy and transform the streets of our community and allow our children to live in safety.
We have finished another 40 Day Prayer Vigil, now, it is time to act.
Here is the email sent today Sunday Feb. 8th 2009:
Pastors & Friends,

Thank the Lord for each of you and the ongoing prayers for the safety and condition of Peoria.
I call upon you in hope to motivate you to stand along with us physically as we move into this 2009 battlefield against satan and the unseen powers that would terrorize our community:

Ephes. 6:11 ~ "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

For those of you who don't know or were not aware, I was the godparent of now deceased Mario McGee. Slightly over 19 years ago I held that young man in my hands feeding him a bottle and changing his pamper. It does my heart no good to have to bury him this week as he should have been a pallbearer or minister at my funeral.

Since our march and community rally of June 2006, that led to the areas first Gun Exchange, that led to the areas first 40 Days Of Prayer effort under Pastor Preston, That also included multiple other prayer efforts such as the Transformation Celebrations directed by Pastor Eckhardt and others, this area has not seen such a heinous crime or murder perpetuated upon a family. Mario begged that his mother's life was spared and God honored that prayer and although she was intended to be killed she is alive and dealing with the results today.

We are facing what I have known as a crisis for quite some time. Although the murder rate was down 2008 the incidence of illegal gun usage was up and there were people and cars shot at on a routine basis. (Gangs) with (their)/ it's loose network of community terrorist associates, have taken it upon themselves to terrorize our communities and inner city. We must act and must act as a cohesive group to defeat the enemy that is fueling these (various factions). However we will not fight with the weapons known and respected in the streets:

2 Cor. 10:3-4~ "3-For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 4-(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)"

It is my prayer that you will join me at a community pastoral meeting to address this urgent situation at which I will unveil information that is essential in assisting with our understanding of this enemy that we face. I also plan to unveil a community strategy that will involve you and your church in a proactive method of attack against this terrorist group. I am convinced that our inaction is fuel to the flames of the community terrorists who have staked claim to our schools and our streets. It must end and that end must begin with us and our churches. I do not believe that we can expect a government bailout to assist us with this one.

Please join me at 6:30 PM Thursday evening at Higher Dimensions Worship Ctr. at 2610 W. Nebraska Peoria, IL. (Pastor Bob Randle)

Please pass this urgent request on to associates and other pastors who may also be interested in taking strong action against this (these) community terrorist group(s). Thank you and God bless you greatly.

Pastor Harvey BurnettPeoria Assn. Of Pastors For Community & Spiritual Renewal Peoria, IL. 61615 (309)688.6599ofc. (309)648.8659cell


  1. My comment has to do with how can it be that many ministers and preacher here in Peoria Illinois know about Pastor Jackie Adams and his continual church issues yet they are silent.This man has kicked people out of a house that does not belong to him if he is who and what he say he is.Why are there at least three ministers that know of Jackie Adams hidden affair with one of his now ex-members church wife whom he refuse to counsel the then couple,but now suddenly he is dating this woman behind the congregations back.Yes there are even court documented papers if you don't believe Christian folk stop acting like yall don't know whats going on even kids know about this wicked and evil affair. I tell you if it wasn't evil then why is everyone sneaking around after church.Tell me how many of you have been to Pastor Jackie house after church or even after Dark, not many.Like I said there are some really bad things going on at Faith ministry just ask Jackie Adams.

  2. r.i.p. Mario McGee gone but never forgott

  3. I would like the community to know that Pastor Jackie Adams is a lie, an adulterer, a con man. He has been misleading his congregation for a while. He has been having an affair with a married man wife since 2005. He ate dinner at this man house on a few occasions. Then the man and his wife Roxie at that time were having trouble in their marriage. The man asked Jackie Adams if he would counsel him an his wife. Jackie said no because he didn't do that. Well come to find out Jackie was having an affair with this man wife and is still to this day going off on weekend with this woman. This is the truth there are other ministers who know about this Mr.Jackson and Mr Davis and many others who refuse to speak to this hypocrite concerning his behavior.I tell you no lie this is the truth as told to me.

  4. Hello Saints
    How long will we tolerate supposedly men of God fleecing our communities. Pastor Jackie Adams brags about having been faithful in doing the Lords will. However I have tried to research for some kind of commitment that he has made to improve the community near butler in Peoria.This is where he has where taken much and given back much of nothing.I am tired of hearing about this man and his deception and his sexual immorality he has been involved with not one woman in his church but I can name at least three. where are the men of God who are listen and obeying the word of the living God. Not the smooth grappling of a con man, a fraudulent who only goal is to brag on his house and car collection while the folk around him suffer many hurts, employment issues and spiritual battles. The true servant leaders who are not afraid of exposing the truth and living for integrity, I am looking for such men to help turn around our community. Not in my strength nor your but the ultimate strength and courage of the living God who is able. Who is willing to come to the table for resolution's and resolve of the issues that hold some many of our brothers and sisters in bondage .Jackie knows it's no coincidence that he avoids meeting with me because at one time I set in his church and listen to his unexamined ideas concerning scripture as he interpreted it and still does without the power of discernment. Jackie Adams set down at my dinner table on many occasions ate my food and stole my wife. This man is a fraud and I am not the only man of truth who knows this. The question become for true servants leaders is how long will this be tolerated?of the Lord How long will you allow Gods people to be mislead and do nothing? Did God not say hold a man who confess to speak in his name accountable. and are you your brother keeper the let's talk share and confess. The reason I say Jackie Adams church is because he is the only preacher I know that have put men and women out of his church based solely on his opinion and not a board or elders. You tell me is that fair.