Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peoria Fatherhood Initiative

Mr. David Young the developer of the Peoria Fatherhood Initiative, is seeking Fathers who have children that are currently ward of the State. If you are a father who in interested in pursuing relationship with your child or children please call Mr. Young at (309)636-7803 or email him at
Research has shown that an estimated 24 Million children live in homes without their natural father. There are approximately 1.1 Million children diassociated from their father in the state of Illinois alone. This dissassociation and estrangement from fathers and adequate family units has led to much of the crime and violenc that we currently witness in our metropolitan areas and cities. Please take a stand to address this by becoming involved in solving the problem.

The program is free and provides:
  • Parenting Assistance
  • Information of Father's Legal Rights
  • An Understanding Of Child Support Regulations and Financial Responsibilities
  • Employment Assistance Including Job Readiness and Placement
  • Case Management & Counciling
  • Educational Support Services Including GED and High School Completeion Assistance

Please see the announcement:

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