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We Say NO To The New Age & The 21 Keys Program Pt. 2

"Feel The Emotion": The Key To Proper Assimilation

Students and teachers are encouraged to use the 3 step process to assimilate their written affirmations or vision as follows:
1-Read the words
2- Visualize or picture it
3- Feel the emotion
21 Keys Pg. 103-104

The 21 Keys program restates these same imperatives many ways. Their web-site states the following:
"Each program is focused on raising the self-esteem of the individual, as well as enhancing their self-efficacy – the individual’s opinion of their ability to make things happen."

The 21 Keys Program encourages teachers to learn how to experience and teach subconscious psychomanipulation using the psychotechnologies contained within the program:

"The best time to affirm is when you’re in what is called the alpha state, or the daydreaming state. You’re naturally at the daydreaming state just before you fall asleep at night, and usually just upon awakening. Your subconscious is much more receptive to your affirmation in this state."21 Keys Pg. 104-105

"I = imagination, V = vividness and R = reality or I x V = R. "So vividness means any time we get a clear picture with emotion and have it repeated, it becomes reality on the subconscious level." 21 Keys Pg. 65

The following are common features and characteristics of modern mind science occultic teaching and philosophies:

Meditation and Visualization (according to occultists, this is a shortcut to unlocking all the mysteries of mysticism) In the 21 Key program visualization is a major emphasis.

"You can teach your kids to stretch their comfort zones with visualization. That’s what we make affirmations for, to stretch our comfort zones. Have your students practice in their minds before they go to their next class. You’re going to be so good at this. You’re going to have them practice before they take the test, you’re going to have them practice before they get the play, you’re going to have them practice before they need to go someplace that’s new or fearful to them. You’re going to be good at this and so will all your students." 21 Keys Pg. 115

"You don’t just need to do it two times a day, you can do it three or four times. In fact the more often you do it the faster the change." 21 Keys Pg. 105 (concerning visualizations)

"How would you do this with children? You need to figure out how to get this done. We want their behavior changed, we want them to improve. Using the affirmation process, you’ll find all kinds of ways to get them to talk about how good they are. You will teach them how to write affirmation too, and how to visualize correctly and how to write affirmations in their mind." 21 Keys Pg. 106

In the corporate programs, employees are encouraged to bring their entire families. Self-image psychology is stressed as part of a new "mental tool kit." Like other psychotechnologies, the perceptions of the participants are played with in an attempt to shift their focus to "New Age Thinking."

Participants are taught that they can create their own world first on a subconcious level, by their own thought-forms and that by ignoring or downplaying negative inputs their world will become a brighter, better place.
The program is exactly the same in respect to the 21 Keys program for PPSD.

Summary: The Evidence Has Indicated The Following
  • The 21 Keys program has significant and strong ties to the New Age Movement and Modern Mind Cult

  • The 21 Keys Program is similar in scope and content to other programs produced by The Pacific Institute which are unambiguously New Age thoroughly presenting New Age philosophical constructs and mind altering techniques.

  • The primary methods of the 21 Keys Training are based on eastern and metaphysical religious structures and mind dynamics which have been incorporated into many major Universities psychological and behaviorial health programs and curriculum.

  • The 21 Keys program encourages teachers to use cognitive psychomanipulation techniques on themselves and students, and suggests that the teachers engage students with additional techniques contained within the program.

  • This 21 Keys concept is filled with emotivisms, That cross feelings with thoughts and leads individuals to say ‘I feel’ when they mean ‘I think’, and then – an easy shift – to allow feeling to trump thinking, and then to replace it altogether. An example of this is:
    "Beliefs are built in 3 dimensions. 1- Words or language, 2- Images, 3- emotion or feeling which is the most powerful dimension. These 3 dimensions of thought are called "self-Talk" "another word for self-talk is, very simply, an affirmation." 21 Keys Pg.63 (This idea separates "thinking", feeling and belief and thus leads one to share how they feel as opposed to what they think.)

  • The focus of the 21 Keys program is similar to that of cultic religious indoctrination practices, offering affirmations and assimilation techniques and a targeted deprogramming of traditional values. This is unacceptable at the Public School Level and could potentially be a violation of law.

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The complete booklet and critique of the Pacific Institute's 21 Keys program can be receive for free by emailing me at or by calling the office at 1(877)677-6599.

Pastor Harvey Burnett - Exec. Director

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