Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New President CHANGE Has Come

The Peoria Association Of Pastors For Community & Spiritual Renewal join in the chorus of continued prayer for the 44th President Of The United States Barack H. Obama. We wish to pledge our continued support for the benefit of both families and our community.

As we have stood in favor of the solid institutions that shape the values that we hold historically, we renew our committment to those values and principles that have upheld this nation and caused us to solidly and clearly turn a corner with the election of the first Black man ever sworn into the highest office of the United States.

Although we are fully aware of the challenges posed and challenges that we face, we firmly commit our efforts to the wellbeing of all men and women regardless of race color creed and look forward to setting forth and upholding sound biblical principles that will address the tough challenges that face us as a people within the Peoria Community. It is with this resolve that we echo the call of our elected President, asking all to renew their own personal committments to community service and causes that will improve the community for all men and women of Central Illinois.

Although history has been made, as Pastors we realize that HIS-STORY must continue to be told. Thank you.

Pastor Harvey Burnett

Exec. Director

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