Thursday, February 18, 2010

God Can Restore Our Streets But We Must Not Give Up!

This is an example of what the Lord can do in our streets. This effort may take one person at a time to reach just one more, but it can be done and we are situated to do it.

When Values Change

When values change the priorities of indivuals change, the effects are immediately felt within the community. If indivuals don't value life or have purpose they cannot contribute to the community of those who have the value for life, living and the community.

Community groups, individuals and businesses can be a part of facilitating the change that is so desperately needed. Churches are an essential part to providing neighborhood stability, accountability and services that address the spiritual and emotional needs of community members. In partnership, I believe that there can be a fundamental change in the results that we are seeing at street level.

This is not a top down effort. This is a community wode effort and your help is essential to this process. Please join us on Facebook for updates and community plans.

Together, and with the help of the Lord, I believe that we can do what concealed carry and increased police presence cannot do. Stay tuned!

Pastor Harvey Burnett

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