Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Face Of Community Terrorism

Pictured below are Skylar Jordan, 24, and Taurean C. Gregory, 24 who the Peoria Police say gunned down 43 year old Anthony Johnson on Frink St. at 10:30 AM Sunday July 18th 2010
Skylar Jordan (Left) Taurean Gregory (Right)
Arrested and booked on charges of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. Jordan also was booked on unlawful use of weapons, aggravated discharge of a firearm and criminal defacement of a firearm. Murder and unlawful activity is the claim to these men's fame. God help their children to be better men. (PJStar.Com)

Unfortunately there are a few more that we can add to the list of SHAME:
Keith Little
Keith Little, 18 was arrested on May 3 and booked on charges of unlawful use of weapons, no firearm owner's identification card and resisting arrest. He was arrested after a vehicle he was in fled from police attempting a traffic stop. A handgun found in Little's possession at that time was sent to the state police crime lab in Morton. On Wednesday, Peoria police investigators were notified that the gun was used in the murder of Abdallah Kattoum, 31, prompting them to interview Little and charge him with first-degree murder, armed violence and armed robbery. (
Daniel Moore
Daniel E. Moore, 31 was found guilty for his role in the robbery of the Flat To Grill in Peoria in June of 2010 and currently faces 21to 45 years in prison as a result. In this case citizens were forced into and locked in a cooler while both they and the establishment was robbed. Although no lives were taken, just think that in a moment anything could have happened. Ronald Batton, 43, and Samuel F. Stewart, 31, both pleaded guilty to armed robbery in return for lesser sentences of 24 and 17 years respectively. Their deals, however, required them to testify at Moore's trial and likely at the trial of the fouth suspect, Terry Payton, 42. So here we have a classic example of 4 lives destroyed and countless family members including the children of all of these men, which will have no or a significantly challenged relationship with their fathers. This is because they thought that becoming a community terrorist and robbing to take what they didn't earn was the best route in life. (


Aside from the obvious flat out stupidity of pretending to be God and taking a life
  • What motivated these actions?
  • Were they ever taught the value of human life?
  • What did their upbringing tell them or how did it affect them?
  • Do they even care about their own lives yet alone that of others?
  • Was drugs or fast living involved?
These are questions I intend to follow and present the answers to as information becomes available. We need to know what is motivating these silly, stupid and wanton acts of indecency among some in Peoria who seem intent on making life difficult for others.

Special Thanks

To those community heroes who turned in information quickly on these terrorists and help send a strong message that community terrorism won't get a pass in Peoria. THANK YOU neighbors and we stand along with the Frink Street/Columbia Terrace community and believe God for removal of all fear.

Pastor Harvey Burnett


  1. Pastor Burnett:

    It might be worthwhile for the PPD to pay attention to what kind of music play list these people have in their cars.

  2. This is true. I have reports that some use drugs, turn the music up and get in the frame of mind before these acts. Horrible and unfeeling at best.

    Pastor Burnett