Sunday, August 14, 2011

Albert Billups -Wilson Vigil & Citizen's Speak Rally

The problem is that we somehow we believe that one particular effort will satisfy all needs as it pertains to Peoria's crime and violence and that after that has been done we can simply call it a day. There is nothing further from the truth.  In order to deal with public violence and potential gang activity, one must yield themselves to this fight in an ongoing fashion. One cannot start to address the issues and suddenly stop or become AWOL or develop an assumption that someone will waive the "magic wand" and all things will change.  

The rallies are only one source of inspiration for the community and the object of the effort is to galvanize the community, eliminate the fear that grips neighborhoods in the face of violent crime and provide encouragement to citizens to step up to address the issues of violent crime and the resultant fallout. The Rally is also designed to connect individuals to the network of individuals who are tired of our community being downtrodden and used by both community terrorists and ineffective leadership, whether that be political or social leadership. 

Those that don't feel any change will either be lasting or sustainable, should be challenged when we ask, "where is your presence, when called upon?" In other words, those simply looking to others to bring or provide a solution are often not delivering any solutions to the table of discussion. This is not necessarily a bad thing if one has no solutions.  However, if one has no solutions and disregards or overlooks the solutions and steps that exist, then how credible can a complaint be regarding the ineffectiveness of the efforts?

There are 2 more Citizens Speak Out Rallies scheduled for this weekend August 19th and 20th...

Friday August 19th 5:30 PM ~ Peoria Village Green Apartments
Saturday August 20th 4:30 PM ~ Harrison Homes

Those who think that things won't change, one thing is certain, without a commitment to change and being a part of the effort, one can only receive what is provided by others. This is part of the problem that we face. This community owes Albert Billups-Wilson somewhat more than reluctance to be a part of community restoration efforts, especially in light of what this family and others over the last few years have had to pay.

My question is, will you and your family make plans to attend and be a part of current efforts?

Pastor H. Burnett
Exec. Director 


  1. Tha family is close on the fund raising efforts, there was some unexpected expenses today such as a charge for the church for $450.00 and the cost of a limosouine which was originally thought to be covered by the Peoria Police Dept.

    Nonetheless there were quite a few citizens that brought money and helped offset the expense and paid toward the final expenses.

    The Community Hero Fund raised $200 at the rally, and provided $100 back toward the funeral expenses.

    The funeral is set for 11:00 AM Thursday Aug. 18th with a visitation at 10:00 AM, at the New Morning Star Baptist CHurch 413 W John H Gwynn Jr Ave.

  2. Now it takes courage to take and make a stand. Some individuals, church folk in particular, have family members who are involved in crime, violence and that carry guns.

    The courage comes in to take a stand against the life in spite of your relatives poor choices. Some are confused over whether to extend grace and mercy or whether to demand justice.

    I think both things must be done. Those with children or relatives that are into violence and violent practices and that have these gang and drug lifestyles must attempt to reach them with truth and hold them accountable for their actions.

    This is tough and it is called "tough love". As a parent myself I believe it would be teh most gutwrenching thing in the world to do to deliver information on my son if he were to commit a violent crime. However it would be the right thing to do and the ONLY thing to consider if I am true to my committment to Christ and community...

    So the question is this to those of us who are saved and have children in the world that are perpetuating this violence...are we true to God, or to our relatives and silence? Is it possible to sincerely align with God and yet be a partaker of our families or relatives sins through silence?

    This may not be easy, but usually the things that benefit society most, aren't!