Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bringing Like-minded Parents Together

Engaging children in a successful education is a cornerstone of the community and is a vital aspect of our city's health and growth. Many of the families and children that attend local schools are also part of the local or community oriented church. It is vitally important that the church be engaged in the school process and share in its status. 

There is a new forum, inspired by association director, Pastor Harvey Burnett, run and operated by parents who wish to come together to discuss and address certain issues as it pertains to their district 150 school. Known as "Parent Connection" this group seeks to empower parents and students with education on the process of problem resolution, information sharing and what it takes to create the best possible educational experience for our children at all levels. 

Parent Connection seeks to engage parents from all Peoria District 150 schools. This is a function totally independent of District 150, its administration or its staff and information is free flowing. The goal is to help parents connect with each other regarding the current process of each school and to seek to provide suggestions on how issues and problems can be addressed and solved in the best possible and most efficient manner at the local school level.  

Information that can be shared includes but is not limited to things such as the dates of local PTCO meetings, requirements for an adequate and successful bullying policy, why parents must be involved in how Title 1 dollars are spent, and sharing of information as it pertains to District 150 sponsored events and forums such as Parent University and Parent Teacher Advisory meetings. 

Anyone can become a part of the Parent Connection by clicking the following link and pressing "Like".
Parent Connection Peoria District 150 Parents    

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