Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peoria Inner City Track & Field Club, A Good Place For Your Youth This Summer

As pastors we are consistently asked what positive activities can kids be involved in during the summer which is often down time for many students from school. Basketball camps are often full and football season doesn't start until the fall with a very hot and often grueling preseason practice schedule.

So where can your youth go to be in am safe enviroenment,  receive excellent training and preparation for athletic activity and discover and further develop track and field talents?

The Peoria Inner City Track and Field Club is the place!

The Peoria Inner City Track and Field Club (PICTFC)is now accepting applications and enrollments for the 2013-2014 season.  There is not a better deal in town if you want your child to be exposed to a quality track and field program geared toward personal skill development and improved performance, community service, excellent coaching and all within a fun in a safe environment.

Developed  a little over 2 years ago by former Peoria HS track and field standout, Pasor Harvey Burnett, the PICTFC has already made an impact on the lives of many of Peoria's track and field athletes. Already athletes have gone to significant personal bests for this year over last years performance.
The club is seeking athletes interested in track and field or athletes interested in speed or athletic performance development between the ages of 10 and 18 with special training and development available for athletes at higher ages who are unafilliated with college or other semi-professional programs.

The scope of the program includes:

A low introductory annual cost of $40 per athlete
Automatic youth membership in the USATF
Training and development at all levels and skill sets
Strength training and development with a strength trainign professional (age appropriate)
Personal and modernized speed development programs and training
Community service opportunities (pad those college applications with what they want to see)
Ability to participate in meets outside of the area.
Opportunity to participate in the 2013 regional and national Jr. Olympics

There is a parent student enrollment and orientation meeting scheduled for 5:30 PM Tuesday June 4th on the campus of Bradley University at the Romeo B. Garrett Ctr. 824 N. Duryea, Peoria, IL At this meeting we will outline the scope of the program, receive enrollments and have a coaches introduction. Anyone interested in allowing their child to participate in the club is welcome to attend.

If one can't make that meeting, don't worry, practices are scheduled to begin Wednesday June 5th 2013 at 4:00 PM and Manual HS Russell Field.  No child can practice without signed enrollment and waiver and fee and parents are welcome to meet the coaching staff and receive a mini-version of the orientation at that time. Depending upon our sponsor contributions, a limited number of scholarships are available for placement in the program delivered on a first come first serve basis.  

To enroll forms can be downloaded HERE and regulations can be found HERE.  you can mail form along with fee to Peoria Inner City Track at P.O. Box 6167 Peoria, IL. 61601. You may also call our office at (309)688-6599 for further information or instructions.

We are accepting donations to help purchase uniforms equipment and offset enrollment fees. Please go HERE to make donations online and help us reach our goal in exchange receive discounts on national brand items. Check it out.  

Check out or web site HERE and our Facebook page HERE 

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    Recently, one parent told an aspiring athlete, "I'm not paying no $40 for you to do that"...

    See that parent has no insight into their child's athletic future, value of the program or their child's ability.

    Olympic world record holder Michael Johnson has a training facility called SPIRE. The cost for their 6 week 3 times per week, 2 hour non-boarding Summer only camp is $750.00 per athlete.

    That can be found HERE

    In the PICTFC athletes will do many of the routines and development training that Johnson's camp will do. We will introduce athletes to core strength training development and weight lifting, and help produce a year round training program for them.

    NO...we ARE NOT SPIRE...but for the price, training, direction and insight, we are the best deal in the Midwest without a doubt.

    It's just this mother's attitude that we want to address and overcome. We need sponsors to help us help these kids. Unfortunately, some parents cannot contribute to their child's success and others will only contribute when they see success. $40 would not be an obstacle IF a sponsor was available to help get this kid going and involved.

    We need you and these kids, most importantly, need you.

    Contact me right away at (309)688-6599 or to find out how you can contribute to the club and help these young athletes.

    Thanks for considering this opportunity.