Monday, June 17, 2013

Followup On Pre-Father's Day Anti-Violence Rally

Additional news coverage and synopsis of the event can be found HERE and HERE.

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  1. We know that the state legislature has approved "concealed carry" and many claim that it will be the law, but the Governor, as of this date, hasn't said whether he will amend the bill, approve the bill or veto the bill.

    The Illinois State Police will still arrest under the ordinace violation and elected officials are making their own calls as to whether to obey the law or not.

    Some of them may feel that prosecuting those now for carrying may be a waste of taxpayer dollars when those cases have to be reversed at a later time, but the fact is that when officials say they aren't uphoolding the law, even if that is temporary, that is not a good message to send.

    When do elected officials have the right to make or establish law outside of the process to establish law?

    Then how do we in good conscience tell "criminals" to stop crime, when WE make up laws or at the very least implement the one's we want, while not implementing those laws that are established?

    The better path would be to simply say nothing until such law is passed and in force. Why grandstand? It is politics, because both of these people are elected officials. To me the politics of it has no negative mark on their character, it simply is what it is and in my opinion a bad move and one that community advocates such as myself and others should address.

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