Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The "Well Respected Principal" Of change...

"The issue of a local, well respected principal's apparent character assassination is not only unfortunate but a distraction from what every one of us is called to serve- do not use your freedom to indulge in the sinful nature of the race strawman, but rather serve one another in love!" 

This was the commentary from a confused and obviously uninformed citizen encouraging me, (Pastor Burnett) because I am Black, to commit my energy to freeing slaves in Sudan. At the same time calling me "misguided" and oppressed by the devil.

These are the comments that life is made of when one comes against principalities and spiritual wickedness that have bound the hearts and minds of individuals and they are filled with confusion. First, because I am Black does not give me a greater concern for Sudan. I am an American and have never been to Sudan. That suggestion in itself is RACIST and based on racist, stereotypical notions. Secondly, if one believes in God and biblical truth, how can one believe that God will use anyone to free anyone else when, according to them, that person is yet bound and in an even worse condition? Not only is a biblical interpretation of such out of line with scripture, its is contrary to all that Jesus taught about the mote and beam. (Mt. 7:3-5)

Third, and more pertinently to the issues at had, is this person's reference to the "well respected principal's apparent character assassination" part:

John Wetterauer
We all know that John Wetterauer was relieved from his duties at Charter Oak GS due to his failure to detect and report testing irregularities. According to many of the group's leaders and adherents, this removal was the "straw that broke the camel's back" giving rise to a vocal outcry from the Charter Oak Parent group which eventually gave way to the group "change150". Out of all the supposed "injustices" and "mismanagement" of Dr. Grenita Lathan. According to them, the removal of Wetterhauer demanded action because he was a "good man".

While the later may be true to some that he may have had positive experiences with, the record paints a slightly different picture of the person that the group, change 150, has championed. I will just say this, if he wasn't already a bad employee, he became a bad employee over time, and there is noone to blame but himself for that.

The part that I find interesting, is that this Supt., his boss, was willing to deal with his character issues, and all
Supt. Dr. Grenita Lathan
the negative that he was placing not only upon employees, but also parents and ultimately children in order for him to even keep a job. Certainly, it appeared that all was well on the surface, but there seemed to be something building underneath that reached epic proportions and disregard of rules and procedures.

I believe that under any other boss, and even many of them defending him who own businesses, that Mr. Wetterauer would not have had a job long before there were questions about "testing irregularities". This "monster Supt" as she has been called by critics, not only gave this breaking bad employee a chance, but still, in the end, did not fire the man from his job but helped save his pension by placing him on administrative leave with pay (before he took sick leave) and before ultimately transferring him to anther location prior to his resignation.

What you will see in DOCUMENTED reports, is that the character by which change 150 gets its fuel to act. It seems from the reports, that he signed off on, that he was not a team player, did not follow the outlined and proscribed rules in many instances and even made up his own rules, violated outlined school policies and procedures all while complaining openly about leadership, and was not only accused of racism but spoke to Black students and parents using negative and racist connotations and language in his unwarranted diatribes.    
Below you will see 3 reports from this "well respected principal's" file with Peoria District 150. These reports are public knowledge and something that the principal was willing to live with regarding his person and the interpretations of his character. Believe me, this is nothing that I would ever have made up, but certainly adds much context to the "tails" continued attempt to "wag the dog", when it comes to answering what some folk really want "changed" in Peoria education. As I have said previously, as we look more deeply this whole issue has nothing to do with children or their progress...  

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