Sunday, October 12, 2014

Peoria...You Really Want To Change Our Community? You NEED to Listen...

Peoria has declared its own renewed war on drugs through the Don't Shoot initiative. You need to HEAR why the proscribed approach, which is no more than what was already set before us, is wholly inadequate and will only lead to more mass incarceration of Black men and women. 

I HOPE we hear before it is too late!


  1. Dear Pastors, I ask that you pray for America. We as you know are at a critical crossroad and nothing less than our lives and freedoms as Christians are at stake. I'm asking you to do whatever you need to do for two things. First get leaders in Peoria with integrity, second make our schools teach Civics, and financial literacy so that the slavery of our children can be stopped. It's important and includes profiteering from commercial prison systems that really don't care if a person is guilty or innocent, just feeding the machine.. Nothing is worse than not knowing that banks and corporations are enslaving us with debt, and preventing us from standing together as Americans regardless of race to stop the degradation of our rights and pursuit of happiness. Knowledge is power, financial illiteracy is a crime upon the average man, and lack of civics knowledge a weakness that is placed upon us as a people. Thank you for your time. In closing consider if a young person does not know how to make money, save money, keep the money, keep a check book, or realize that debt is a financial cancer, then they are unarmed for a predatory world.

    1. I KNOW that's right...I have been a victim far too long and slave to bad economics and economic pursuits. We are creative people and must know how to create our own in many instances, we must also seek our place at the table because we have a right to be there like anyone else as well.

      Powerful and thank you!

  2. Here is an expose on This American Life that is certainly true. This is really interesting. Interestingly our former Police Chief, Settingsgaard was from Milwaukee also. This explains many of his decisions while he was in office.