Sunday, March 1, 2015

Peoria Pastors Stand With Israel & Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu

Pastor Harvey Burnett, and nearly 30 other pastors from various parts of the country, were invited to Washington DC to provide input on the American/Israeli relationship and the ruckus surrounding the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu scheduled for Tuesday March 3rd, 2015.

First, Israel not only has a right to exist, but has a right to be a part of any plan or negotiation that deals with its national security especially against an enemy that has repeatedly taken aggressive actions in the region against both Israel and the US. 

Secondly, Black people are not "controlled" by entities such as the Congressional Black Caucus. Even though they threaten to boycott the Prime Minister, Black people are not homogeneous in our thoughts and values. We are certainly not held loyal to any entity that is deftly silent or absent as it pertains to the condition of the Black community and the community in general. 

Third, although there are racists of every nationality, the lies of Jewish racism towards Sudanese refugees is not only an overstatement, it is based on the ignorance of the methods of solo jihadists, whose goal is national instability and the institution of sharia in every part of the world, and how jihad must be addressed to make the community safe. 

WE are not deceived and we therefore stand with Israel!    

Pastor Burnett appears at about 29:20 into the video.
This event in Washington DC was sponsored by Star Parker's Urban Cure.  

For further clarity on issues surrounding this and other matters, please see the most recent posting at The Dunamis Word on issues of importance regarding our national security. 

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