Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peoria Pastors Stand Against HB2354

A subcommittee of the Illinois General Assembly, by a vote of 5 to 2 has recommended Illinois House Bill 2354 to the floor for discussion and vote. Also known as the Reproductive Health Access Act, or the Illinois version of the Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA) extends the following types of abortion rights:

The Law would make sure that noone could:

(1) deny or interfere with an individual's right to use or refuse contraception;

(2) deny or interfere with a pregnant woman's right to bear a child;

(3) deny or interfere with a pregnant woman's right to terminate a pregnancy:
  • (i) prior to the viability of the fetus or
  • (ii) when the termination of pregnancy is necessary to protect the life or health of the pregnant woman; or
(4) require any woman to terminate pregnancy without her consent

In essence HB2354 allows a woman to receive an abortion on demand without any incumberances. This is especially problematic for any number of reasons and is a direct asault on the efforts of Pro-life advocates. The Peoria Association Of Pastors has identified some of the problems with this Bill. They are outlined as follows:

(1) The bill is a radical departure from current law

(2) The Bill seeks to make abortion a fundamental right, (ie: a human right)

(3) The Bill prevents any common-sense regulation such as parental notification;

(4) The Bill expands public funding of abortion through Medicaid and possibly state health insurance plans;

(5) The Bill undermines the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act protecting health care professionals and employers;

(6) The bill mandates comprehensive sex education for all public school children

The Black community has been the victim of abortion in disproportionate numbers. In my article, "Yes We Can ~Eliminate Abortion, Can't We?" I outline that out of the estimated 50 Million babies that have been killed since Roe v. Wade in 1973 an estimated 13 million children were from the black community. The facts are that there are an estimated 1,450 abortions per day that occur amongst persons of color.
Further, while getting rich off the backs of the poor with governmental assistance, the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood in particular, has perpetuated the myth that abortion on demand is essential in cases or rape or incest. The facts are that abortions resulting from rape or incest only account for 1.5% of all abortions annually. This is dramatically under the rate at which children are killed annually through abortion and "medically necessary" clauses which are only smokescreens.
Therefore it is the encouragement of the Peoria Pastors Assn. that every citizen contact the nearest State Representative to express their concern and disaproval of HB2354 as we do not wish this bill to become law further adding to the genocide of our Illinois communities. To look up your State Representative's contact information please go to the Illinois State Board Of Elections.To sign the petetion against HB2354 please go Students For Life Of Illinois and add you name.

Pastor Harvey Burnett
Exec. Director

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