Monday, March 2, 2009

Rescheduled Community Call To Action

The Peoria Pastor's Community Call To Action has been rescheduled to Thursday March 5th at 6:30 PM at the Dream Center located at 714 Hamilton Blvd. We will meet on the second floor in the Hamilton Conference room. Special thanks to Pastor John King and the Riverside Community Church Family.
In this vital meeting the Pastors hope to gain consensus on a far reaching community intervention plan. This plan called Peoria Safe Kids & Safe Families 2009 will be designed to create and focus on neighborhood initiatives and person to person contact with community members in order to help change lives.
Although this meeting is open to the public and interested persons, Pastors or their representatives are highly encouraged to attend and be present as this initiative will require the support of many churches a far reaching audience.
Questions About This Initiative:
Q~ My church and I are located in far North Peoria. How Can I be of impact in this effort?
A~ Although activities will be focused on statistically and speculated higher than average crime areas within inner City Peoria, this effort is inclusive of ALL of Peoria and ALL Peorians. Simply put, what happens in one area of town affects all Peorians. Each church and individual can be involved in developing a far reaching community plan as well as supporting interventions which they may be best suited to their membership makeup and ability to support. All "hands" will be appreciated and afforded opportunity to work, comment and provide input in this venture.
Q~ I want to maintain my religious identity. Will that be threatened?
A~ The efforts of the Peoria Assn. Of Pastors seek to be as doctrine neutral as possible. There is no ascription to certain doctrinal beliefs or religious affiliations for participation. The truth of the matter is that we realize that although we are a Christian organization participants that help this community may be from all corner and facets of the community. After all the community belongs to ALL of us. The mode, method and means for our outreach will be and most certainly is biblical from a Christian perspective, however anyone wishing to help need not be threatened by religious affiliation.
Q~ We have many prayer groups that already exist. Is this another one?
A~ The Peoria Safe Kids & Safe Families 2009 project is not a prayer fellowship such as we see with the Peoria Transformation Celebration, Peoria Prayer Furnace, PUSH Initiatives or the Peoria 40 Days Of Prayer. This initiative is a proactive action designed to physically and materially engage the culture with the Love of Christ. Of course "men should always pray and not faint" but the purpose of this gathering is to prayerfully place legs and actions of faith behind those prayers that have been prayed and continue to be prayed.
For additional information questions or comments regarding this or any other effort of the Peoria Assn. of Pastors, please don't hesitate to email Pastor Burnett at or call (309)688-6599. remember that each one is vital to the health, success, and safety of the Peoria Illinois community.

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