Monday, June 28, 2010

City Renewal Through Prayer & Compassion



  1. The events of the week were a wonderful beginning. I pray that we catch on and continue to uphold the standards and go out and challenge the minds of the people.

    We applaud all of the efforts to manage the crime and violence from whatever source they may come, but God is the only one that can actually change hearts and minds, thus our petition is to him.

    Thank God for the men of God who were able to attend:

    Pastor Tom Swanson ~ Eureka Bible Church
    Pastor John King ~ Riverside Community Church
    John Block, Ministry Aide ~ Peoria Outreach Ministries

    In addition Mrs. Yolanda Wallace was on hand to speak to families and individuals who have lost loved ones. We were blessed by her insights into the special needs of individuals who have suffered loss.

    We were very glad and excited for those who were able to attend. We shall heal and shall progress and take the city back from violence and crime.

  2. The story will be carried on WEEK (25) and WHOI (19).