Thursday, June 3, 2010

Peoria Pastors Pray For Councilman's Speedy Recovery

Our prayers are extended to God for the speedy recovery of Peoria City Councilman George Jacob who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident on Sunday May 30th 2010.

Councilman Jacob has served the City in the capacity of at-large Councilman since 2005 and has been a part of many major council decisions. Mr. Jacob is also the president of Brewers Distributing, a facility employing over 100 persons and serving the area in beer and liquor distribution. Councilman Jacob also readily supported the first Peoria Gun-exchange held by the Peoria Pastors as well as contributed amounts both personally and on behalf of his business toward the community effort to combat handgun violence.  

There are many things that George does to help the community that are not normally broadcast. By his efforts a midnight basketball league exists that has helped many individuals gain direction in life, work through issues and find friends that they would not have found otherwise. In 2007, I had received numerous calls regarding the safety of a certain property on Peoria's southside. I had seen it for myself that there was a hole in the concrete large enough for a child to slip into and not be seen again. 

After a lunch, which I owe him in return, I asked Mr. Jacob to come with me to the location and see the problem. He did. He too was outraged that something could be left in such a shambles. In less than a week, under his pursuit and efforts, the home was torn down and the ground leveled for safety. Needless to say, that property no longer poses a safety hazard for our children and community. He also extended to me the opportunity to correspond directly with him regarding other situations if he could be of service. 

For those things we recognize Councilman Jacob, but we honor Councilman Jacob for his outstanding integrity, community service and just plainly being a great person!

Get Well My Friend!

Pastor H. Burnett
Exec. Director  

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